Philipp Heim

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Graphical-Interactive Systems (Lecture)
Supervisors: Ertl, T.; Heim, P.; Thom, D.; Bosse, K.; Bachthaler, S.; Mueckl, G.; Falk, M.
WT 2010/2011

Interactive visualization techniques: Visual Analytics (Seminar)
Supervisors: Weiskopf, D.; Burch, M.; Heim, P.; Heinrich, J.
WT 2010/2011

SemSor: Einschätzung von Gefahrensituationen mit Semantic Web und Web 2.0 (Student Project)
Supervisors: Ertl, T.; Schlegel, T.; Heim, P.; Wörner, M; Schmitz, B.
WT 2009/2010 - ST 2010

Usability and Interaction (Lecture)
Supervisors: Schlegel, T.; Heim, P.
ST 2009

Interactive Systems (Lecture)
Supervisors: Ziegler, J.; Heim, P.
WT 2007/2008, WT 2008/2009

Interaktive Daten-Integration mit Adobe Flex (Student Project)
Supervisors: Ziegler, J.; Heim, P.
ST 2008

Supervised Student Theses

Test automation and evaluation of Graphical User Interfaces in a Continuous Integration Environment (Master Thesis)
An, L. (2010)
Supervisors: Heim, P.; Schlegel, T.; Stäbler, B.; Ertl, T.

Development of a Flexible and Generic Dialog User Interface for Mobile Applications (Diplomarbeit)
Peters, W. (2010)
Supervisors: Schlegel, T.; Heim, P.; Ertl, T.

Interactive Visual Creation and Application of Complex Facets to Filter Semantic Data (Diplomarbeit)
Brunk, S. (2010)
Supervisors: Heim, P.; Ertl, T.

Interactive Creation and Application of Lenses to Explore Semantic Data (Studienarbeit)
Tsendragchaa, D. (2009/10)
Supervisors: Heim, P.; Ertl, T.

Faceted Exploration of Multiple RDF Data Sources Using SPARQL (Master Thesis)
Bastian, H. (2009)
Supervisors: Heim, P.; Ziegler, J.