Please note: This website exists only for historical reasons and is no longer maintained.
The projects on this website are deprecated.

Integrating the RelFinder:

No coding or compiling is required to integrate the RelFinder with your project and host it on your server. You just need to download the following files from the GitHub repository:

Make sure that you use the same folder structure and file names (incl. capital and small letters) and that you set the access rights properly. If you start your server now and enter the URL of the RelFinder.swf in your Web browser (e.g. http://localhost/relfinder/RelFinder.swf), it should access the DBpedia dataset by default. You can then edit the Config.xml so that it works with your dataset(s).

If the SPARQL endpoint and RelFinder are NOT on the same server, you additionally need one of the following files:

  • crossdomain.xml - the crossdomain specification (see Adobe's cross-domain policy for more information)
  • proxy.php - if you do not use the solution with the crossdomain file.
    (Note that the proxy may destroy HTTP sessions, so better use the option with the crossdomain file instead.)