Please note: This website exists only for historical reasons and is no longer maintained.
The projects on this website are deprecated.

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WebVOWL 1.0.5

There has been a new release of WebVOWL. Check it out.

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This website provides an overview of our attempts to a more visual Data Web.

The term Data Web refers to the evolution of a mainly document-centric Web toward a more data-oriented Web. In its narrow sense, the term describes pragmatic approaches of the Semantic Web, such as RDF and Linked Data. In a broader sense, it also includes less formal data structures, such as microformats, microdata, tagging, and folksonomies.

The term Visual Data Web reflects our goal of making the Data Web visually more experienceable, also for average Web users with little to no knowledge about the underlying technologies. This website presents developments, related publications, and current activities to generate new ideas, methods, and tools that help making the Data Web easier accessible, more visible, and thus more attractive.

Some key design principles for all developments in the context of the Visual Data Web project are:

  • Minimal Technical Requirements: The technical requirements to run the applications should be as little as possible. Ideally, the applications are immediately executable in the Web browser without the need for a local installation.
  • Intuitive User Interfaces: Average Web users should easily understand the applications and be able to use them intuitively. Deep knowledge about the underlying technologies should not be necessary for working with the tools.
  • Standardized Data Access: Data access should be as generic as possible and largely based on common Web standards, such as SPARQL and XML.

Try out some of the tools or watch the screencasts first. Read more about our developments in the publications or get in contact with people who are involved in the project.